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When you need a new space for your business, call Build America LLC. We have the tools, teams, and experience necessary to bring your company’s new space from vision to reality. It comes down to planning and preparation. We know the importance of coming in on time and on budget with every project we undertake.

From the ground up


Whether you’re looking for a new space and planning on tenants to supplement the cost of your space or just need a new facility for your business, we can help. Our designers will work with you on determining every aspect of the project including:

• Exterior building finish for a great look and low maintenance
• Roofing material and slope
• Parking requirements for you and your tenants
• Handicap accessibility to conform to the latest ADA standards
• Durable flooring material
• Bathrooms and other facilities
• Natural and artificial lighting
• Layout for the best use of space

We really are the one company you can call for your complete building needs. Over our history, we’ve helped nearly all types of businesses including retail, medical, insurance, religious, non-profit and many more come up with the best space for their needs. Let us help you from start to finish.

Assisting the workforce


Larger businesses have bigger needs. We’re no stranger to large commercial construction. If you’re looking to build a restaurant, apartments, multi purpose facility or anything in between, we’re the company to call and can ensure we have the staff and resources to get the job done.

No matter how big or small your commercial building project we will meet every deadline and exceed your expectations while only using the highest quality materials in every phase of each project. It’s important that when you begin using your new facility the materials last as they should, eliminating the need to renovate or remodel for years to come.

If you’re looking for a commercial construction company to help you get started we will meet with you to discuss the scope of your project, where you are in the process, and your budget. From there we will visit the property and start working toward a timeline and proposal