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When you need more space in your home and you don’t have space on your property to build out, consider building up. Many homes in the Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg areas are single story homes make a second story addition feasible. With the experienced Build America team of contractors, you can have a second story that meets your needs and looks like it was on your home all along.

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Not all second story additions are the same. We’ve handled all types including adding a second story to a single level home, adding a bonus room above a garage or other part of the home as well as expanding your existing second level

The difference in the cost and disruption to your every day life can be significant depending on the type of addition. For example, if we add a bonus room above your garage, you can continue living in your home but won’t be able to use your garage. However, if we’re adding a new second story somewhere else, chances are good that you’ll need to move out of your home. Anytime an addition includes a bathroom, the cost is greater due to the plumbing requirements.

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Although we’re classified as general contractors, we’re much more. We’re total home builders and remodelers which means we look at your second story addition from multiple perspectives. We know that there will be modifications to the main living space so there is access to the new second floor. Our designers and architects understand that often we must provide some additional support structure in the main living area. You won’t need to hire a separate architect or designer when you choose Build America, our team will handle your project.

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Because adding a second story to a home is significantly different from a bathroom or kitchen remodel, we have a different process. Just like any of our other projects, we’ll start with a free initial consultation to discuss what you want and your budget. From there, we’ll inspect the home, take measurements and create some initial concept drawings. Once you approve the design, we’ll get started on the plans, layout a timeline, choose finishes and then we can get to work. If you think a second story addition is the right solution for your family’s space needs, call the experienced contractors at Build America for your free consultation at (727) 776-9023 or fill out our contact form today.