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There are so many reasons you may need or want to add a bedroom. Whether you want to separate kids currently sharing a bedroom, have a new baby on the way, a parent moving in or just want a nice guest space, Build America can help. We’ve been helping homeowners with additions and renovations throughout the Tampa area for decades.

Maximize your space


Depending on your current home and the reason you have for an additional bedroom, where it goes will differ. Sometimes the only option is to add on a second story because of the size of your property. If you have the land, adding a bedroom at ground level is always easier. We know when we add a bedroom for a new baby, parents often want it near their master bedroom. When elderly parents are moving into their child’s home, it’s often safer to have it at ground level to avoid stairs. We can help you every step of the way with the changes to your home.

For the whole family


Depending on the reason for adding a bedroom, the space will vary. If you’re adding a space for aging parents, you may want a bedroom, sitting area and full bathroom. You’ll need more space for this sort of bedroom addition than you would when you add a nursery which can be as small as about 120 square feet.

Build America’s team of remodeling and renovation experts will help you every step of the way. We always start with a free in-home consultation to discuss your reasons for a bedroom addition and evaluate the best location. When you trust us, you’ll find that you have the space you need, as you envisioned, within your budget and completed on time.

Whether you need an additional bedroom for guest, because an aging parent is moving in or because your family is growing, you can trust Build America to handle your needs. Contact us today to schedule your free in-home consultation to discuss your addition.