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There are few things more personal than your home. When you’re building a new home you don’t want a floor plan that some corporation decided was best, you want what works for you. When you choose Build America LLC as your custom home builder or home remodeling company, we’ll listen to your needs and create a design you love. We’re problem solvers whose designers and craftsmen know how to make a home work for you and your family.

Your design


There’s nothing like creating a home perfect for you and your lifestyle. For some it’s a big entertainment space and chef’s kitchen, for others perfect means lots of private spaces. Whatever your needs are and however big a home you’re looking to build, we can help. Our experience and the innovative products we use in the construction process can make even the necessary spaces extraordinary. We offer industry leading products that look extraordinary and last for decades. Plus, everything we do will be within budget and on time.

Get started with one of the Build America LLC designers by calling for a free consultation. You’ll find that unlike semi-custom home builders, we don’t have pre-determined plans that you can tweak. We’re open to ideas and have helped turn simple ideas and sketches on napkins into a dream homes.

Give it a facelift


There are many moving parts in a home remodeling project. We make it easier for homeowners. You’ll never need to vacate your home during our remodel and if you hire us as your kitchen remodeler, we’ll set up a temporary kitchen so you can still eat at home. Our design/build teams are experienced in maximizing usefulness of existing space and budget.

Although we are most often hired as a kitchen or bathroom remodeler, as those rooms typically look the most dated and in need of updating, we can help with any space. We’ve done whole home remodels, combined multiple rooms into one or split one room into two. The key to our success and growth is listening to our customers and helping make their space work. We also build additions as part of a home remodel or just adding more space.

Build America LLC is a full-service home remodeling and custom home builder company. We will assist you from the design to the final coat of paint. As a full-service general contractor we can handle any project from a small bathroom remodel to a new custom home with all the latest innovations. Call us today at 727-776-9023 to get started on your initial consultation.